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Member groups supply adherent totals each year. These are available in an Excel spreadsheet to interested parties.
Association of Statisticians of American Religious Bodies Projects
As a service to its members, ASARB gathers consistent statistics each year on adherents. When possible, those numbers are reported in broad cultural categories as well, consistent with those of the U.S. Census Bureau.

ASARB also sponsored the U.S. Religion Census in 2020, 2010, 2000, and 1990. 
Many member groups report adherents in broad cultural categories, consistent with U.S. census practices. These are available in Excel. 
The only county-level religion count available nationally, ASARB has sponsored this decadal study since the mid-1980s. 
Statisticians have their own code phrases that need interpretation. ASARB has compiled a list of some common abbreviations used in our meetings.
Reliable, useful, consistent data is the aim of ASARB members.
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Yearbook of American and Canadian Churches

The Yearbook has been on hiatus for a couple years. ASARB is now working with the National Council of Churches and the Lake Institute to assume eventual responsibility for the collection and dissemination of annual religion data for religious groups in these two countries.